Resolutions 2013

No Shit: facebook, quora
Last year I got completely addicted to  facebook and quora.  My hands couldn’t be still on seeing status updates of friends in my close circle. I could not resist myself from not sharing(on facebook) anything I find interesting. This is good upto a certain extent , but everything has a limit and I crossed it. Finally I became the guy who always has fb open and scrolls down and down till it takes practically infinite time to load the feed.

Quora says it connects me to everything I want to know about. That is true. But it connects to many other things I don’t need at all. If not facebook in the second half of 2012 it was quora I was browsing all the time. The bad thing about quora is that , it gives me a false feeling that I’m doing some thing useful and that it is not a waste of time. I spent almost 4 hrs/day on quora in week days and even more in weekends.

Twitter is an exception and remains so. I was never addicted to twitter. One good thing about twitter is most of my friends are not active on twitter and nothing inspires me to write a comment (reply). I’m nothing more than a spectator. It is the same with quora as well. But the answers/posts are generally long. It eats a lot of time.

So ‘no shit’ boils down to no posts on facebook, not more than a couple of hours per week on quora. So from now on fb is just a platform for chatting and poking.

Why do I need github/BitBucket

  • I always backed up code on my external hard disk. I never felt the need for an online backup. But after losing my hard disk , everything is gone. Suddenly I realized the need for an online backup.
  • Every company hosts their code on some content tracker. I never cared to know about them properly. Getting familiar with them might avoid some pains  in my professional life.
  • I was such a fool to not know that git is not just about github and gitbub one of the many online services that host git repositories.

From this year all not-shitty, non-proprietary code I write will be on github/bitbcket.

How should I spend the time I gain by giving up facebook and quora? Coursera/udacity is the answer.  Coursera has some very  nice and interesting courses taught by professors from top universities.

Here is my coursera wish list . The target is not to complete all these courses.  It is difficult to put in continuous,  consistent efforts for them (coursera expects that). Also there is no point in solving assignments on topics with which I’m super familiar. Learning is the only target.

Lose Weight
This needs no explanations!