Python for course assignments

Python is a beautiful programming language . The code looks very neat and verbal. To give it a try I chose to do my course assignments in python. Here are the advantages of using python over other languages for the course assignments.

  1. Not many students use python for assignments. This is a big advantage because if you get stuck in the assignments , you can borrow your friend’s code (c++/java) and blindly covert it line by line to python. You don’t have to worry about instructor’s warning on copying course assignments.
  2. The code looks very clean. It forces code indentation which is a good programming practice.
  3. Every damn thing is already implemented in the language and the documentation is pretty good.
  4. Java libraries can also be used with python via jython.
  5. Python might be very slow compared to C++/java. But speed is never an issue for course assignments. So it should not be a problem!

Happy python’ing !